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I usually add comments for the special words in my word document. And this time I find I just add some different comments for duplicated texts. So I want to change the text selected by expand them to make them different.

For example:
Now the text selected for the comment is "sample"
I want to change expand the text selected to "this is a sample".

Now I can only delete the comment first, then select more text and add comment again.

But there are quite a few comments, can I just change the text selected directly without deleting the comment first?


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For that, I find two ways and you can try

1. Change the Text in “Draft” View: Just choose “Draft” in View, then put insertion pointer just after "s" in the comment text "sample" , and enter the words like this "sthis is a sample", the delete the first letter "s".

2. Use VBA

enter the text "this is a “before the text "sample" , then select them all "this is a sample", run this macro.

Sub ChangeCommentedText()
  Dim objRange As Range
  Set objRange = Selection.Range
  '  Add comment to the newly selected texts with the same comment contents.
  Selection.Comments.Add Range:=objRange, Text:=Selection.Comments(1).Range.Text
End Sub
Here are more details in the article

3 Useful Ways to Change a Commented Text in Your Word Document - Data Recovery Blog

Good luck
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