Windows 10 windows10 copy paste in explorer windows10 improvment that need to be implemented



so i want to know why since i know Windows from Windows 3.1, why does a simple copy paste always ask the user for replacement instead of calculating unique file identifier like sha or any other when the file is IDENTICAL and not stoping a huge transfer of data waiting for user input/confirmation everytime, just add a damn checkbox at start of copying that say "replace all files" so users don't have to get anoyed by the prompt for replacement of already existing files that are 100 % identical !!!!

first caluclate crc or or hash or anything reliable on both files if the same just skip the copy, else ask the user !

windows10 familly 20h2



Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

hope it can help improve windows 10 as i am deeling with Tb of data to recover and it always stop copying to ask dumb things. ....

hum little question what is the date of creation of first windows version ????

maybe i am the only one with ideas ? maybe not , let's share our point of view on this topic and help M$ improve our OS :p

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