Windows 10 Windows Update slows down laptop to point it requires clean install

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Jumel Philip Solano

Hi. Ive encountered this problem for several months now. Ive had this laptop for nearly 3 years without issues beforw. However starting a xouple of months before, I started to notice a significant drop of performance. Thrn one day I started to get a blue screen with the stop code BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO. With help from your agent, I managed to do a clean reinstall to address the problem.

Now, I reinstalled all the necessary drivers and updated them as I can, however I nores that after windows updates itself, the performance drops until it becomes inoperable.

I wish to say this is a one-off thing, but it has been about EIGHT times Ive donw this. Ive had to force windows update to stop, but your system finds away to still update itself.

All Im asking is assistance with system (which is Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.631)) or a way to disable Windows Update Medic Service.

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