Windows 10 Windows Update -- Not Detecting Any Updates After 2004



I have a Dell Latitude 7424. A lot of my information will be instantly displayed in this image below. The bottom line is that my windows update wasn't installing updates successfully for a very long time. I've only had this Laptop for about a year, but it had a problem with a particular BIOS update.

The Fast Restart setting in Windows 10 kept it from flashing the BIOS successfully with the Dell Command Update tool, while at the same time, it needed certain security updates from Windows Update in order to install it. Something like that. It was very tricky to get sorted finally, but it IS.

The only problem is, my Windows Update isn't seeing any new updates after the last one I just downloaded, some Cumulative Security Preview patch of Windows 10 2004, and I think that I'm SUPPOSED to have a lot more updates I need to download; spanning the years 2004-2020.
Both Windows Update and "Dell Command | Update" say my system is up-to-date, but I can't help but feel like I might be missing updates, and want to make sure that my OS version is up-to-snuff now.

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