Windows 10 Windows Update and Fast Startup



My computer is incompatible the the fast startup option in windows. I don't know exactly what causes it, but if the option is enabled and the computer restarted, the sound card does not function at all, and the video and operating system lags for several seconds every time an action is performed. This is solved by turning off the option in power settings and restarting again.

The problem, however, is every so often, typically after an update, the fast startup option is turned back on without my knowledge or input. This is incredibly frustrating, as the feature is completely useless to me, and worse than that, negatively effects my computer. Beyond that, with my current hardware setup, starting up the computer takes less than 10 seconds even without this option enabled, rendering this feature pointless.

Now I'm sure that this is not the only setting that windows is changing during updates. Looking now, it appears it is changing privacy options as well, which is just shady, and completely deplorable, but that is a subject for a separate discussion. But this all leads to my point: there is a reason I changed the settings the way I did, and having them reset after every update is immensely stupid, and that is putting it nicely.

So my question is this: How do I prevent Windows from re-enabling settings which I have disabled?

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