Windows service keeps restarting after some time / after reboot. Cannot remove.



I have this unknown service called 'NDE4OWM5Z' which keeps starting up again after some time, and even after rebooting my computer. The service is presumably some kind of adware, because for every Google search which I do, the first 5 results are ads which lead to malicious websites (despite always using an adblock extension in every browser). Looking through the ads which came up on Amazon, I saw it redirected me to a SearchAwesome settings page, which didn't allow me to disable anything.

The screenshot above is exactly what comes up. In the image I've already turned the service off, but usually it would be 'running' after reboot or after some time, even after stopping and setting it to manual startup, rather than automatic.

I've used several adware removal software, such as SpyHunter, AdWare Cleaner, Revo Uninstaller (to remove its directory in C:/Program Files) and Adware Removal tool by TSA. Still nothing.

I've had this problem for a very long time now. If anybody has any idea on how to remove this, please let me know. The last resort would likely involve a factory restart of the PC, but avoiding that would be preferable.

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