Windows 10 Windows keeps crashing now wont startup at all



Last night which is 7/10/19 i shutdown my computer and it required an update. when i woke up the next morning i was playing on my computer for about 2 hours just fine when all of a sudden my computer screen went black and my sound constantly was drawn out until i shut off my computer, When i restarted my computer back up it tried to fix itself but it did not work, when the computer was starting my monitor, keyboard, and lights would all be on but when it was at the final stages of loading my keyboard lights would turn off once and come back online along with the mouse, it would happen 1 more time but the light would not come on for the mouse, i decided to try and use some restore points on my computer but halfway through the process i got the same error of sys, i tried to factory reset the computer and that would give me the same error. With all of this i decided to download the recovery software onto my flash drive, i got out a hardrive that had nothing on it and unplugged my other one and reinstalled windows onto it, everything went smoothly until i logged into the desktop of the computer, as i was sitting on the desktop the screen went black again and i was forced to restart the computer after waiting about 10 minutes, the computer did the same thing as before when it tried to fix itself with the mouse and keyboard, but once i went to my windows startup recovery it fixed it and i was able to go on the desktop again but it crashed once again. Now when i go to startup the computer I cannot do the startup recovery anymore or factory reset, I get the same error with sys . I have no clue what to do and i am looking for absolutely any suggestions that can help me fix this problem. thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day,

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