Windows Defender cannot (won't?) remove trojandownloader:js/malscript.b!mtb



My parents computer seems to have a virus on it (at least that's what Windows Defender says). It was supposedly detected yesterday while we were away. The computer in question is a 2009 HP Pavilion dv6-2157sb with Windows 10 Professional 64 bit 19042.906 (20H2), Windows Experience Pack 120.2212.561.0. The virus that comes up in Windows Defender is trojandownloader:js/malscript.b!mtb and was detected in a file called C:\Users\ob\Documents\firefox-update.js.

I've looked everywhere for this file, but it doesn't exist? I'm not sure where it came from, nor do I believe my parents went on anything they weren't supposed to (I check their browser history when I shut the computer down each night). I have hidden files showing and nothing comes up. I've tried removing/quarantining the threat, but that did nothing. It still shows up and is ACTIVE. I also ran the MSERT (Microsoft Emergency Response Tool 1.335.205.0 which claims it found 6 threats, but when it finished, stated that no threats were detected. I also ran the Windows Defender Offline Scan which failed to remove the threat as well. I looked up the threat and it was stated that it steals personal information, but doesn't seem to cause any issues with Windows or the computer hardware.

How in the world do I get rid of this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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