Windows 8 Windows 8 mail app login issue

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by News Bot, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Jan 10, 2007
    In the Machine
    I just experienced an interesting issue, which I cannot find a way around.
    Scenario 1

    If a user is logged into the Mail app, and the computer is shut down with the Hotmail app still running. The user never logged out of Hotmail or closed the app prior to shutting down.
    Next time when the user starts the computer, the Hotmail app comes up and asks, the user for the Hotmail password. The issue is that the user cannot remember the password. There is no password reset button, and the user cannot get into windows. Even pressing
    F8 to go into safe mode at bootup does not work. There is no way to close the app, or get back to the metro screen if the user cannot log in. None of the windows key shortcut keys work either. The only option is to shut down, and then this starts all over
    again the next time the computer is started.
    Scenario 2
    Lets look at a different scenario. Lets say they do eventually remember their password, and are able to log into the computer. Then the right click the username in the upper right corner of the metro screen, and click sign out or whatever that option is.
    Immediately after doing so, the computer goes through the motions of logging out, and then goes right back to the logon screen with the same user name that just supposedly logged out. This creates an infinite loop. The application cannot be closed, logged
    out of or otherwise overridden in any way.
    Also lets assume that the user in either of these scenarios, does not have another computer from which to reset password or access the internet in any other way.

    Any thoughts?

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