Windows 7 Windows 7 install problem on a new hard drive.


Westside Fritz

I have a Dell Inspirion notebook that came factory installed with Windows 7. It has served me well for a number of years and I have a 64 bit repair disk.

The hard drive began having problems so I’ve replaced it with an identical hard drive.

I formatted the drive and installed it, and now I am attempting to install Windows 7 on the new hard drive from the repair disk.

Once it Boots I get an error message saying “a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy Disk, CD, DVD or USB flash drive, please insert it now.” I have a disc from Dell with drivers and utilities, but I have been completely through the dell disk And cannot figure out how to get past this device driver error. I have checked my Bios and made sure my disk controller settings are set to AHCI. ( I actually attempted installation in ATA mode as well unsuccessfully). I have also copied the driver store and drivers folders from the original failing hard drive onto a flash drive and tried searching for this elusive driver there. I even downloaded the dell driver firmware update for the specific model DVD drive, but it can’t install until windows is installed. What am I missing?

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