Windows 7 Windows 7 - Font already installed error



I'm trying to install the HelveticaNeueRED Bold.otf on a Windows 7 machine but Windows keeps saying that it's already installed.

Here's what I've tried:

  • Delete font from c:/windows/fonts but the font wasn't there
  • Delete font from Control Panel, font wasn't there either
  • Delete the registry keys of the font. I noticed that there were some variations of the same font: xxx.1, xxx.2, etc. so I deleted all of them. After that, I was able to install the font without the message "Your font is already installed"; however, THE FONT IS NOT INSTALLED! I can't find it anywhere! It's not on any program!
  • Installed latest Windows updates
  • I noticed that the issue is not with the font because I tried on a Windows 10 machine and it works properly.
  • I'm not going to delete all my fonts, because I have hundreds of them installed.

I've seen a lot of people with the same issue and Microsoft can't give us a proper solution. Please help.

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