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I have had the misfortune to have problems with the last two windows 10 updates. The first resulted in my contacting the support desk who when trying to resolve managed to lose my office software and then argued with me that it was never there before providing another copy! The more recent upgrade has managed to crash and stall my computer several times, much like the previous upgrade, and eventually when I sought advice , which I followed, the result was that not only did the upgrade still not work but I lost my music collection from an external hard drive. I have since used a recovery programme and still cannot retrieve my music although it did find other files that were deliberately removed and were never on either the external hard drives nor this computer but had been opened by this computer many years previously. I am fast coming to the conclusion that windows is a load of rubbish and like my children I should swap to I-mac! I'd be interested to find out if anyone can give me reasons to stay with windows?

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