Windows 10 Windows 10 update produces "low disk space" warning about drive E:, which doesn't exist


RJ Pisscat

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I was forced to install the latest Windows 10 update and since then, every time I boot, and at random times during the day, it warns me that I am low on, or out of disk space, on drive E:

There is no drive E:

It does appear in File Explorer, but it's not real.

The only thing I know that changed after the update is that I read through the tips and connected my Android device to this PC for the feature to move between browsing on my phone to picking up in the same place in Windows through the Share interface.

The messages aren't doing any harm other than to force me to close them each time, which is quite annoying when I'm in the middle of something and can't afford to lose focus, because of course I lose focus.

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