Windows 10 Windows 10: The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded (after updates May 2019)



I had this exact message on my main desktop pc after trying to log on immediately after Win10 updates were installed. Having found an old Win10 thread with the same title but without the bracketed wording, it seemed there was a solution. However, my need was for a working desktop pc so I just tried restarting the PC.

I had a blank screen for about 90 seconds, almost as if it was doing a bit more configuration, but it came on and allowed me to sign in as normal.

Not sure if the problem is completely solved but I needed my pc urgently.

Aside from resetting everything back to the hideous win10 look, losing lots of icons, my wallpaper et all, it appears to work.

Now another couple hours to set it up like a desktop pc rather than a bloody smart phone.

Good luck with yours.

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