Windows 10 Windows 10 Preview Pane in explorer looks stretched. (Potentially bug)

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Hi, please help. I just upgraded my windows 8.1 64 bit to windows 10, but i notice that when i clicked on an image to look at the preview on the right side (preview pane), the image is stretched, it also happens in the thumbnail, but when i double clicked it to open in Windows Photo Viewer, it looks right, not stretched what so ever. open it in photoshop or any program even paint, it works fine. only the thumbnail and preview on the preview pane that look stretched.

*I only notice it when the file extension is in caps.

e.g: Tree.JPG will be stretched , but Tree .jpg is right.

How to fix this problem without manually rename all photos with caps extension by myself? since some photos from camera will write the extension in caps. or is there any batch process that would automatically change the extension? thank you

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