Windows 10 Windows 10 automatically disconnects and reconnects to the Internet



I have recently moved my Personal computer to another room within my house. Since then, whenever i am watching something on youtube or browsing facebook or playing a game the internet connection will randomly be disconnected, and then reconnected after 4 to 5 seconds. Most of the time i don't even notice it, but it can be very annoying sometimes. I remember playing with the network settings the day that i moved the computer, but i can't remember what i changed. I have already checked that the ethernet cable, and tried swapping it with another one, yet the problem persisted. I also Checked that it's not the routers problem. And as far as i know the ethernet gate of my computer is alright, i was very careful while moving it so i'm pretty sure that i have not caused any damage. So the problem is probably software related. The first thing i did was uninstalling my antivirus(Malwarebytes). But it did not help at all. At this point i am running out of ideas. Does anybody know any way of fixing this? Any help will be appreciated

I'm running windows 10 home, version 2004.

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