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Last month I bought a brand new Dell All-in-one computer with a preinstalled Windows 10 home. Just few days back my computer started giving me messages that my windows will expire soon and then a watermark message reading "Activate Windows go to settings to activate windows" became permanent at the bottom right corner of the screen. Trying to solve this issue, which seemed to me a mere error, I applied all the fixes that I found in the internet but without success. Then I called the retailer and asked them to give me the product key for my windows 10 so I can activate it again as prompted but they said there was no product key for my windows and that I have to take the computer to them as the activation can only be done at their store. It turned out that windows was initially activated in my computer using Key Management Service (KMS) volume licensing which explained everything. My question to you guys, is it legal for a retailer to activate windows in a client pc by using volume licensing?

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