Win 10 update is never ending



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I have a computer I believe has viruses on it. I decided to get them off today, but when I plugged it in, and turned it on, it started an update. And it was still going when I left for church 30 minutes later.

My plan was to try to clean it but I will take the hdd out if I need to and replace it with an ssd.

The computer has an i7 4700hq, 8gb ram, and 1tb hdd. It was always slow, but it had a popup and I fell for the scam and got a virus (or maybe just got more).

I want to know if I can stop the update or if I should just take our the hdd and plstart over. The re is nothing on the hdd i need, Ive already backed it up.

The only thing I want to save is the OS but I may be open to getting a new one if need be.

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