Windows 10 Win 10 install on two different drives with same Win key in same computer?



I have a Win 10 computer (legal upgrade from Win 7) that gives me terrible problems booting up, re-starting, or shutting down. I would repair the install but I'd lose all/many of my other programs. So what I want to do is have a fresh Windows 10 bare install on a second hard drive while leaving this problem version where it is and have a pop-up menu asking me to decide which version I want to use when it boots up. Is this possible? How do I get the menu asking me to select a version? Also, since this is a legit version, can I use the same Windows license for the two versions on the same machine? Third, I've read that on a re-install/repair that Windows will verify the license automatically so I won't need a license key (which since it was a free upgrade I don't have.) Is that true? Thanks.

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