Windows 10 WiFi Issues



Hey There! I own a Sony Vaio SVE14A16FN, I am experiencing issues regarding WiFi. My router is 3-4 metres away from me and when I am sitting on my couch all my devices except this laptop shows Very Good network range while the laptop can't connect to WiFi due to lack of range. The SSID only appears within 0.5 metres of the router while it is not the case for other devices

What can I do? and there are probablt two modems in my PC- first one is Intel Centrino N-2200 and other one is from Atheros but for some reason the Atheros one is not showing up in Device Manager and instead of that there are 8 other devices(network adapters)..

So what I am trying to say is for some reason my Laptop WiFi is having some range issues! I know it's weird.

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