Windows 10 "Why did my pc restart" loop



A couple days ago my Alienware Aurora was running extremely slowly, to the point where it became unusable. I decided to just do a clean restart on it, but ran into a few problems while doing that. After the reset, it brought me to a page titled "Why did my PC restart". After reconnecting to the wifi and clicking continue, the pc restarted again only to bring me back to the same very page. At this point I feel like I have done everything. I tried connecting to ethernet and taking it to the advanced options page, but nothing seems to work; it just brings me back to that very same page. To add to that, none of the startup repair options will let me proceed as I would need the password to "defaultuser0", which makes no sense. Lastly, I was unable to boot from a usb as my computer literally will not give me the option under devices. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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