Windows 10 Which password in WinRE do the repair options require?



Hi guys,

I updated my Lenovo 330 windows 10 and suddenly I could not print any document on my Kyocera FS-1120 printer. Every time I pressed a print command in any of the applications, windows would shut down.

I tried to roll back the printer drivers but the roll back option was not available anymore. Then I attempted to uninstall them and possibly re-install the old drives directly from the printer but that too yielded no result.

I then opted to carry out a system restore where I had last printed a test page. The system restore seemed to have occurred and I was glad to now move on but windows 10, this time gave me a CRITICAL PROCESS DIED stop code and eventually/automatically took me to the winRE.

Now getting there, most for the repairs options are demanding a an admin account password, I have tried my local admin account password, its wrong, my microsoft password, its wrong, my email password, its wrong. Which password in WinRE do the options require? All my passwords are checked and logging me into the relevant apps on my other gadgets. I have not had any password security interference...

I don't want to reinstall using a boot disk because I will lose my files.

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