Windows 10 Where do you want to install windows? How do I know what partitions to use?



I had some errors like black and blue screens firstly. So have to install windows 10 with a windows recreational tool USB.I installed the USB and proceeded to the point where i had to choose upgrade or customs i went for customs. Now the screen asking where do you want to install windows, this is where I'm stuck, there are five choices:

Drive 0 Partition 1 260.0 mb total size.

Free space. 167.0 mb system.

Drive 0 Partition 2. 16.0 mb total size

Free space 16.0 mb MSR (reserved).

Drive 0 Partition 3. 1847.5 mb total size

free space 1847.5 primary

Drive 0 Partition 4: windows RE tools

980 .0 mb total size

Free space 467.0 recovery

Drive 0 Partition 5: recovery. Total size 14.3 GB

Free space 1.7 GB OEM (Reserved)

Have no idea which partition to use but its paramount that I save my personal files, documents, photos, videos. If there's a easy method to save my files and which partitions thay i csn install windows and save my filesll

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