Virus infilitrated my computer deep. In desperate need of help.



This is the last hail mary for me. I usually never submit to this forum but I am completely out of options here. Some weeks ago I noticed my Windows Defender was not working, it was disabled by the administrator. ( There is no administrator since this is a personal computer). I of course suspected a virus, did the usual scannow, and downloaded an extra virus scanner. They noticed nothing so I ignored it. I saw nothing on the task manager and nothing seemed to be of an issue.

Yesterday my keyboard and mouse started acting up and things were getting weird. Things were opening which I did not open myself. I suspected it was the virus and since I had no resort to dealing with it I clean reinstalled my entire computer. However, when did the reinstall was done I was not able to get onto my computer. A random account had been opened and it was not mine, and I could not get access to it. I tried advanced startup, I tried doing cmd commands or booting it in safe mode. Every remedy I tried however was blocked by this "administrator"

I'm really at my ends here and I would appreciate any help that I could get.

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