Windows 10 Video Scheduler Internal Error BSOD after open explorer

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After every fresh install, I got problems with my graphics card. Windows installs, and after the windows update install all the drivers, I got this issue:


My understanding is that this is related with the version of the drivers, since when I finally get to install a very old version of the drivers, it works properly. The issue is that I need to fight against the windows update to it and starts to get a little bit boring since this issue is happening since at least 2016.

My laptop is an Asus N76VZ

CPU: i7-3630QM


Graphics Card: onboard intel + 650m 4gb

I tested the ram, and everything is fine, this is only happening with drivers from 2016+

Can you help me fix this issue?

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I had the same error on my V76VZ laptop.
I fixed it by downloading the latest Nvidia GE Force 650M drivers from Nvidia's website.

Rolling back the driver to the 2015 version that came with Windows 10 also worked. I did this first in safe-mode.
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