Windows 10 "Unknown" status under "Virus & Threat protection"




I am using Win 10 Home (ver 1903 build 18362.959).

I have a problem with Windows Security App:

When I open the Windows Security window, under the "Virus & Threat protection", it reads "Unknown".

When I try to turn on the Real-time protection using "Virus & Threat protection settings", it automatically and immediately turns off without any messages.

On the Protection updates window, "Security Intelligence version", "version created on" and "latest update" entries all read "Not available". Checking for updates makes no changes.

Basic Checks:
- I have no other antivirus software installed (before or now).
- Computer restarted several times. No change,
- Windows update is executed: Reports "You're up to date", no flags,
- "System File Checker" is executed and no flags,
- DISM CheckHealth is executed and no flags,
- Computer scanned with latest Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool: no flags,
- I do not have "DisableAntiSpyware" or "DisableRealtimeMonitoring" entries in the registery (ie under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender\" etc.)

Additional Checks:
- "Security Center" Service is running, however I cannot Stop/Restart this service (all options grayed out).
- Executing "(Get-Service windefend).Status" in PowerShell as admin gives "Running",
- Executing " Get-MpComputerStatus" in PowerShell as admin gives "A general error occurred that is not covered by a more specific error code.",
- Executing "MpCmdRun.exe -GetFiles, gives MpSigSub.log showing that signatures are upto-date.

Any help towards identifying the root-cause welcomed.

- Please do not reply saying "reinstall windows": My question is to identify the root-cause. I know how to do "clean install of Windows".

- I am aware of: Windows Defender GUI Malfunctioning
Unfortunately, that does not help, as it is related to specific Asus tool (which is not used on this computer).


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