Windows 10 Two PCs, two Bluetooth keyboards, lots of problems



The usage of two PCs changed, and I wanted to swap the BT keyboards between them. After some attempts to get the keyboards to re-pair and reconnect to the right PCs (tried again and again and wouldn't work), I am in the following situation.

Computer #1 shows both keyboards paired, and one (maybe both) can connect if I turn it on.

Computer #2 shows one keyboard paired, but it cannot connect.

The obvious thing to do at this point, I would think, is to "Remove device" for the keyboards on both PCs and start over. I've tried this, from Control Panel and from Windows Settings 'Bluetooth & other devices'. I've tried it with the keyboards in range and out of range. I've tried it with one of the PCs turned off. I've uninstalled the BT hardware driver, and found that it reinstalls itself and the memories of the two keyboards, on a reboot.

Each time, I've been unable to Remove Device for any keyboard on any PC. The result is always "Remove failed."

I'm carrying a wired USB keyboard from PC to PC to be able to use the PCs at all. How can I get the Remove Device function to work?


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