Windows 10 Trying to upgrade from OEM license to retail license without success



I have bought a new laptop that comes with an OEM license preinstalled. I want to transfer the retail license that I had on my old pc to the new pc but I get an activation error when I try to enter the activation key. I also have removed the old pc from my account to be sure to not have duplicates and still no luck on activating the license.

Every time that I ask to chat with a person I am told to call a toll free number or contact the pc producer. My problem can't be solved by the pc producer, and I live in Thailand, I can't call a toll free US number. If I get redirected to the Thai support everything is written in Thai (not much different than reading Chinese) and I can't communicate with them.

I regret I have spent my money to get such a bad support. Please tell me what I should do to have my license transferred.

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