Windows 10 Trustedinstall & updates 30% & cannot delete partion



Hi all,

needed help from my friends windows problem.

what i found out his issues on windows keep restart after windows update at 30% because before restart pc he had uninstall the IE or defender.

so i took out his nvme and install to my PC reason being i cant access to safemode.

first i was knowing the nvme of his were brand new and no bad sector and all.

when i try to delete files it show warning massage regards i cannot move or delete and i guess i also cannot reformat windows too due trustedinstaller problem.

using disk management to format or remove or convert to dynamic disk it shows warning the I/O failing massage.

try many method of convert mgr to GPT still not working,

CMD method : some times it show i success format or able to delete partition and all. i reopen disk management. the files and still remain the same.

i follow a few step using the third party app like takeowner still not working.

i had follow below step:

Restore the TrustedInstaller ownership in Windows 10

but at this step 4 The Select User or Group window will appear.Type here "NT Service\TrustedInstaller" as the new owner name:

saw many onlines using different user and group (i had confuse on this part if i am not using NT Service\TrustedInstaller i unable to proceed next step )

once i done this i finally able to copy windows folders for testing but i cant delete.

is there any simple way i able to FORMAT whole thing instead go though all these.

thank you~~~

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