Windows 10 TPM Error 80280036



Hey guys, not sure what to make of this I need some help.

Fresh Windows 10 image on a domain PC, clean install not an in place upgrade.

It is a Dell E6440 and has the TPM activated, Bitlocker enabled and drive encrypted successfully and we use Microsoft Multifactor Authentication with O365 and Exchange Online.

Whenever my user Opens Outlook he'**** with an MFA login window, it calls him, he verifies, then gets another one immediately after, answers the call hits # again to verify, then pops up this window:

I looked up the error code 80280036 - TPM_E_NOTFIPS The TPM is attempting to execute a command only available when in Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) mode.

Not sure how to resolve this or even make it go away, my knowledge in this area is highly lacking. Appreciate any suggestions or even education on this as I hate being in the dark on it.

Thanks for your time.

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