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hello. for the past 2-3 days ive been having this problem where i can't shut down my laptop properly because it tells me task host is still running and it shows me the path to a .dll file called language components installer. At first i thought an error happened while downloading a sims 4 update. but then i googled some more and i remembered that right before this problem started i had found a wireless keyboard and mouse (logitech) in my house and i connected them to my laptop (windows 10) just for fun,,,,(im no longer using them) and now when i opened task manager, under the startup tab, there's "LogiTech Download Assistant" enabled. I disabled it. but when i right clicked on it and opened the folder its located in, i also found the languagecomponentsinstaller.dll file in that same folder . the folder name is "system32".

How can i know whether this issue stemmed from the keyboard/mouse , the sims 4 update or smthg else? Do I really need to do a clean boot? I don't want to...

Does anyone know if the sims4 uses this language .dll thingy? Because when i finally found this .dll file just now i checked its "date modified" and "date created" and it was actually the same day i installed the sims4 update. i think. also the "type" of this file is Application Extension..and in Properties is says "Opens with: Unknown Application" which is suspicious in my opinion.....BUT also I currently have a windows update that ive been putting off (it requires that i restart the laptop but to do that i'll have to force restart/"restart anyway" because this .dll file is preventing it from restarting too...so i didnt update windows yet.) if i update, will this issue with this file go away..maybe?

Also should i and is there a way to uninstall that logitech download assistant? And should i just delete the LanguageComponentsInstaller.dll file??

As im writing this im currently running a full scan of all files...it's taking a long time. But im not sure how exactly its gonna help me. right now it says "there may be threats on your device after the scan, you can review the threats found" . if i "review" threats, will this issue go away, you think? I think i might have to keep the scan running overnight though. I probably should have waited for the scan to end before i submitted this but i have a feeling the scan isn't going to help me. hopefully it does though. If it does I'll just delete this post. if you're still seeing this post then i still need help,,,,

!!⚠also!! something that has been alarming to me is that im no longer able to access device manager because i've been "blocked" by the administrator even tho i'm the admin. and when i run cmd as admin i dont see my name in the C:\\Users\\....: thing i see the name of my desktop..like.."DESKTOP-whatever"

and ive been blocked from things like the "taskschd.msc" thing. and when i want to open command prompt as admin i get a box saying "do u want this application to make changeson ur device" but the it also says "Publisher: Unknown". which is suspicious and weird because this is just the command prompt... so this is making me wonder if this .dll file is actually a virus or something that's disguised as a random file that's associated with windows 10 update. i could be very wrong though.

also note that ive been using Cisco AnyConnect and Remote Desktop to connect to a computer at my uni since i cant go to campus because of corona. So maybe i got a virus from there... somehow.... Actually i doubt that's related but I just thought i should mention it. just in case

oneee last thing. when i try to run the troubleshooter for windows update it asks me "do you want to allow this app from an UNKNOWN publisher to make changes on your device? msdt.exe

publisher:unknown file origin:hard drive on this computer" and honestly i was scared to click yes so i never got the chance to run the troubleshooter.... should i just go ahead and do that? because google told me to do that.. if im having trouble with this "languagecomponentsinstaller.dll" file...

would really appreciate some answers/help.

thank you so much for your time. i have windows 10 home asus laptop.

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