Windows 10 Storage spaces



OK, First I when to " remove a drive" picked the drive i wanted to remove and let it rip, after several hours it finished. Then it said i could not remove it due to not all was removed. So i restarted and then it came up I could remove it. I removed it, went to add a drive, it gave me an error, tried this several times, no results. so i read, then saw that a 5/2020 update messed up storage spaces. So i figured i would reinstall an older version of windows 10 to bypass this, now 4 of the storage space drive i have data on will not come up in disk manager. it is like they are dead and unreadable, i have 0ne 3TB drive that comes up but the other nothing, what the heck is going on here, also how can i reformat a storage space drive so i can reuse it.


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