Windows 10 Stop programs running at boot



Middle of last week I was using Excel on my PC, closed it and shut the computer down. When I turned it back on, Excel opened a blank workbook when the computer started up and does this every time now.

Last night, I had Chrome open (watching Netflix), closed Chrome, shut down and this morning when I powered on the PC I could hear the Nexflix program playing in the background while I was at the Window logon screen, before I had signed in. After signing in, both Chrome and Excel were running.

I have checked in the Stettings/Apps&Features/Start-up and also in the Start-Up folder in the Programs menu (~AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Start-Up) but they are not listed. Also in the default user account..

Last windows update I had was a feature update on 1st June but that was about a week before this started happening. I have not instilled any new software for a while.

Any suggestions as to how I can stop this before every program I run just reopens before I log on?


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