Windows 10 Sound stopped working on Surface



Hi to all,

Sound suddenly stopped working after in-place upgrade on Surface device.

I have tried everything that I thought to be of relevance in this case, including:

  • Resetting to defaults using cloud-based install/reset of Windows 10
  • Uninstalling the driver manually from Windows Device Manager and let Windows reinstall it upon restart
  • Download Driver package from Microsoft for this specific Surface device and reinstall

Absolutely none of these actually works and the most frustrating in all this is Windows Device Manager indicating that the audio device Realtek High Definition Audio is working properly. But clearly isn't.

Running the troubleshooter says: "Audio services are not responding".

I'm clueless, any chance there might be some CMD lines. I've tried DISM/Online to no avail... Windows won't find damaged components.

Kind of worried.


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