Windows 10 sound and some display parts gone on certain websites after recent (ca 2021) MS updates



I have noticed after some of the recent updates to Win10 that certain of the websites on which I listen to music now no long are able to provide their previous offerings. As a note of info, I use Google Chrome currently for web access (on all my machines). The player may be there on some, on others the player is gone. Also there were displays that showed the current song/ album/ group and several tunes played before that one, but these are now missing. This is not a sound issue as I can freely listen to and see youtube videos, stream on Netflicks, Amazon, etc. Further clouding the issue I have other very similar PC's that receive the regular updates which are having no trouble at all (so far). Yet this PC is my primary, and until just recently (within the past month) I had no problems of this sort. I have not gone to removing updates (yet) to find for certain this is the problem, and really would be suspicious if this was an update issue since the other similar (sound devices, manufacturer, model, etc.) PC's present the websites and play the music fine. I have suspicions that this may be a windows firewall thing, but why sound and the (I believe) active content? and why only on some sites? I anxiously await whatever suggestions may be offered.

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