Slimware hacked my computer and will not quit billing me. HAS THIS HAPPEND TO ANYONE ELSE?



At the end of 2018 beginning of 2019 I purchased a new Computer and printer. The first day I got online to work, using both of them, a window popped up with what appeared to be an official Microsoft message stating that my drivers were out of date. I thought to myself, how could this be. After clicking on the updates, it started doing a bunch of stuff I cannot even explain( I am Not too computer savvy) with a bunch of other pop ups, etc. Then it appeared that someone was moving my mouse for me. Then, I briefly noticed something about a $ charge so I immediately tried clicking my mouse to make it stop but nothing I did would stop it. It also said that if I turn my computer off, (keep in mind I had just purchased this computer and was using it for the first time,) that it would uninstall some or all of my Microsoft programs. Scared of what might happen to my new computer I let it finish. My computer seemed to work correctly so I didn't think much about it UNTIL 05/11/20, when I paid off a credit card. Stay with me here.... When my accountant asked me about a payment on this particular card, I told her I had paid that card off so there shouldn't be any charges on that particular card. She said there was a company listed on my statement called "SLIMWRE*PRMIUM SUPPORT, charging me $24.95. I never approved the charge so I called the number on my statement and complained to a guy who could barely speak english that they fraudulently charged my card and I wanted the charges refunded immediately. He acted like he understood and was compliant, so I thought. However, they continued to charge my account, over and over again. THIS company had to be the ones on my computer that day when I first got my computer, hacking into my computer and getting my credit card information. Every month they continued to charge my credit card, until finally, I cancelled the credit card and got a new one. I looked back at my previous statements and they had been charging my creditcard for over a year. The reason why my accountant didn't bring it to my attention sooner is because she said it looked like a legit charge so she had no reason to question me about it, plus it was a minimal amount of $24.95. However, $24.95X24=598.80. That's alot of money to me. My real question is, has this happend to anyone else and how do I know if they are OUT OF MY COMPUTER or still have access to my stuff? I have tried to dispute it with my credit card company and they are saying that I should've brought it to their attention sooner. Yes, I agree, if I had known! If this has happend to anyone else, please tell me what you did to resolve a similar issue. Thanks in advance for your help. Hopefully this thread will prevent someone else going through the same dilemma.

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