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Mageo Famber

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I have two Windows 10 (updated) PCs.

One of them (PC 0) is connected to the internet and has straight public IP address set to its ethernet card (NIC 0). This PC 0 has another ethernet card (NIC 1) and NIC 1 is connected to another win10 PC (PC 1). How can I share the internet connection? I cannot use bridge because PC 1 then gets (from the same subnet range) a similar public IP address and is connected to the internet, but PC 0 looses its connection. It is possible that ISP limits IP addresses leased to 1. If I enable sharing either in "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections" for NIC 1, or by typing "net start sharedaccess" in command-line, NIC 0 gets its public IP address replaced with a private IP address and internet connection disappears.

Note that these are fresh Win10 PCs. Homegroup is removed so the option that worked before to connect does not work anymore.

Guidance on how to share internet connection to another up to date Windows 10 via ethernet is much appreciated.

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