Windows 10 Search for file transfer by a set date yyyy-mm-dd across multiple sub-folders in MS DOS ("Win 10 Command Prompt CMD")



I bought an external SSD drive a few months ago and started copying files to it straight out of the box- one of which files (folders) was to backup onto my ext SSD from my laptop HD This particular folder was c 103GB and its filename was labelled with the transfer-date metadata, but I am unsure if this metadata-file-name-label was actually updated at time of copying I have now discovered the SSD is formatted in exFAT and not NTFS, so when I manipulate files in/out of the external SSD (copy, del etcetera), I receive error messages ; and I am aware I must back-up my SSD data, wipe and format in NTFS, then return back-up copy to the SSD

*I am eventually getting to the point of my technical query, after this explanation-intro *

I want to search across the 103GB folder in regard and into all its sub-folders for files dated after 2020-12-02 Normally when searching in MS-DOS for files the switches for the DIR command (eg. <dir/o:n> (sort by name) ; <dir/a:d> (sort by file and/or folder type) , do this by listing ascending/descending file list under each sub or each sub-sub folder , but I want a full list of files after a particular date (2020-12-02) gathered together within one query, across a structure of multiple sub-folders

Would this be done in the Windows interface by typing a query in the file-search bar of the upper write of the File explorer window? If this is so, I assume the query procedure uses reserved words and syntax (I am familiar with MS DOS 5 and its file management commands ; but do not know anything about advanced searching from within the Windows File Explorer interface (if this approach-idea is at all possible, and/or if this approach-idea offers advantage, and/or if this approach-idea offers different search functionality/feature form the CMD prompt MS-DOS command interface

I will be grateful for any comments &/ advice &/ opinions ; (I am on Windows 10 Pro ; not Window 10 Home) ; Hopefully with advice leads I might be able to identify and select sub-folder within my SSD 103GB folder containing files with date metadata (after 2020-12-02)

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