Windows 10 Returning files from onedrive




I recently started using onedrive. During set up I chose to backup my files thinking there would be a copy of the files from my desktop, documents, and my pictures stored in the onedrive folder. What I did not expect was that after choosing this, all of these files would be removed from my local hard drive and replaced with a link saying "where are my files". I cannot stand this and want the files back the way they were. I have turned off the files-on-demand feature, but it seems like all this does is stop moving new files to the cloud. Is there a way to have it return the files back to my computer?

I realize I could do this manually but unfortunately, I set this up on three different PCs and so I have all of the desktop, documents, and picture files from the three computers merged together. It will be painful to sort this out manually.


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