Windows 10 Reinstall Windows 10



I have a laptop that originally had Window 7 which came preinstalled from the factory. I did the free update to Windows 10 and am having space problems with my laptop. The original configuration of the hard drive is C: 58.59 GB and D: 397.30 GB. I tried to use Disk Manager to give the OS more space however, two large system files Hibefil.sys and Pagefile.sys are on the logical D drive. This laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1764, 2.27 GHz processor, 4.00 GB memory and a 64 bit OS. My plan was to delete the D drive, extend C and create a new volume however, I am unable to delete the two sys files. My question is based on the processor speed, memory and hard drive size does it make sense to try and reformat the hard drive and do a clean install? I do not have a Product Key but I have a digital Product ID because I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10. If I can do a clean re-install how do I get a copy of Windows 10 to use to refresh my OS?

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