Windows 10 Reformatted Computer and lost Windows 10



I have a laptop that I got a few years ago with Windows 8 on it around the time that Windows 10 was first coming out and I managed to get the free update to Windows 10. Unfortunately, the hard drive had an issue that caused me to have to reformat, but instead of installing Windows 10 again, it installed Windows 10. I'm not sure how to get Windows 10 back and the Microsoft support is useless since I can't call and the chat is just stuck on me waiting for a representative (I finally gave up after it being stuck for two hours).

What do I do? I'm not even sure if the Microsoft account I used for this laptop is the same one I have now. I have a Windows 10 disk I bought when I built my Desktop, so I'm not sure if I can use any codes from that. My laptop doesn't have a disk drive, so I can't just pop the disk in.

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