Windows 10 RE: Fail to boot into windows after waking from Hibernate



Hi All,

im hoping someone here could help me with this extremely frustrating problem of mine.

I've recently built a new custom PC and it has this issue where whenever i put it into hibernate for the night and wake it up the next day, the BIOS splash screen shows, then it doesnt boot into windows, the whole pc shuts down and i have to reboot it again. I've reinstalled windows, ive done the "reset this pc" option, and nothing seems to fix it. I found that someone recommended downloading a program called "BlueScreenView" to identify the issue, and ive done this and it seems that everytime this happens its to do with ntoskrnl.exe, and under "Bug Check String" majority of the time its "INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR" and sometimes on rare occasions its "MEMORY MANAGEMENT". When this first happened i thought its to do with my PSU, so ive changed my PSU and didnt fix anything, then i thought maybe its my RAM, ive done numerous RAM tests such as the built in windows memory diagnostic tool, memtest82 and none of them show any error towards my RAM, so next i started benchmarking my CPU, no errors, no crashes nothing, then i went for my GPU, benchmarking my GPU and again, no errors, no crashes nothing. I've also ran command prompt commands such as "CHKDSK" , ran "DISM" and "SFC /SCANNOW" everything is fine. I literally cannot figure out why ntoskrnl.exe is failing. On "BlueScreenView" under "Address In Stack" it shows "ntoskrnl.exe+9a07ee".

I'm hoping someone can help me fix this issue of mine.

dump file download:

Thanks in advance.

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