Windows 10 Please please let us turn off automatic updates that doesn't involve something so convoluted (based on other people asking this).



This is about the 20th time your updates have ruined work. From not saving things, to not properly opening up everything after, to whatever else. I leave my PC on for a reason during the week, because I need to. It saves me so much time, and patients and its a convenience that I paid for by owning my PC and paying for this annoying OS. There isn't a single simple answer to stopping these, and that is just clearly on purpose and lazy scripting. I do not want your update. If I do, I will do it when it is better for me. Not in the middle of the night, closing everything and ruining a couple hours of work.

Not to mention I had to log into Microsoft to write this. Oh and your Feedback Hub is garbage too.

I paid for this, and having an option to not update automatically is not a lot to ask for. Can't wait for the replies that suggest some convulated way rather than it just being, hmmmm I don't know, in the updates section of the settings.

Just awful. I'm actually looking up Linux right now.

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