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Windows 10 Persistent BSOD Errors after wakeup from Sleep!

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Hello MS Community,

I am having a problem regarding a Blue Screen of Death when my computer comes back from a Sleep. It throws random different BSDO Errors, either a user sleep command or a sleep due to idle activity. It began to happen after a major Windows Update. Unfortunately, I erased the restore point of the post update, due to limited SSD space. I ran MEMtest as well and no errors are found.

I ran Driver Verifier Manager, according to the steps mentioned here:

Driver Verifier-- tracking down a mis-behaving driver..

The first crash, mentioned there was a problem with a vcmi.sys file, which belongs to VMWare Workstation. I uninstalled it and repeated the verification again, but this time not .sys file is mentioned during the verification.

I have disabled sleeping for now., however I really want to fix this problem.

I have included the DMP file, the MSInfo32 fle and an AIDA64 PC Specifications report, uploaded to OneDrive.

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