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Don't get me wrong the help is there so organised the Moderators are Geniuses totally Volunteers . However what the Hell do some people click onto.? Unless you are going on the Dark Web or obviously dangerous sites with Windows Security you should not be compromised in that way The only thing is could Redmond look more closely at the warnings given by Bitdefender & Kaspersky from past experience at their instant warning system. I was on Windows 7 my God what a minefield you were safer in Iraq or safer in Anfield Liverpool were I live l you weren't even safe dealing with Virgin Media. I had a run in with one of their Techies (a complete dickbonk) I complained and through naivety complained to him HaHa . He downloaded a virus and F*****D my PC up it cost me money in the repair shop the sawn off little B*****D I think he was the same little P**** making Scam calls both me and my Daughter-in Law recognised his voice. God will catch him no doubt. People enjoy Windows 10 its great these days God Bless you all

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