Windows 10 No cursor in all full screen games, crashes in windowed mode



I've been having an issue with all games on my pc. I used to play games on it, then stopped for a few years and now I'm trying to use it for games again but I'm having a HUGE issue with the mouse.

Any game that loads in full screen does not have a mouse cursor. The mouse DOES work though. I can interact with buttons on the screen.

When I change to window mode or full screen window mode, the mouse returns, but the game immediately crashes.

I have turned off mouse trails and shadows.

I have updated graphics drivers.

I have tried a different mouse.

The scaling on my display is set to the default (100%).

I have tried compatibility mode.

I have tried a variety of DPI settings.

I've tried everything I can possibly find from self troubleshooting. I've seen many posts in many different forms but none of the solutions work.

Any solution to fix either the mouse or the window mode crashing would be much appreciated! Both would be great though!

I'm running:

Sony Laptop

windows 10 home 64-bit

nvidia geforce gt 735m

intel core i73537 @2ghz (4cpu's)

12gb ram

directX 12 installed

Please help!


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