Windows 10 Network Attached Storage Connections



I have recently installed a new computer at our church with Windows 10 Pro. We have a local network attached storage (WD MyCloud DL2100) and it can be reached by any 'local' account on the other computers. However, when a computer is logged onto the Windows365 account, multiple attempts to connect to the NAS are rejected (entering the PW for the 365 account is rejected and then the administrator account for the network drive is rejected). It also refuses to remain connected if I can map the drive using the device name (it is registered in the windows credentials). When a reboot/restart is completed, the mapping is lost and we have to disconnect and remap. Sometimes the remapping is also rejected as it states the computer is not allowed to find the 'domain'. Again, we do not have a local server network, just shared on the local network through our Ubiquiti managed switches.

This was not a problem to connect with an older Windows 10 Home or Pro system. Need to also state this is occurring whether on the LAN or WiFi.

I have created a local account on the machine and then linked to the Windows365 account. This seems to work, but even with network discovery turned on and may of the switches available opened up, the 365 account does not work, yet the local one does.

Any ideas to get back to 'normal'?


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