Windows 10 My wifi is fine one second then gets a yellow arning sign on it the next and now internet explorer wont load up Roblox. Computer has just been acting



I just got this laptop a few days ago and ever since the Wi-Fi has been going off and on the Wi-Fi would be working okay for awhile then it would have a yellow caution sign on it and wouldn't work. I didn't know how to fix it and couldn't find anyone with my specific problem so I would just switch to my other Wi-Fi network we have our regular one then our second one with the same name but with 5G at the end and then that one would just get the yellow caution sign and I would have to disconnect and switch back to the other one. Not only that I have been trying to play a video game called Roblox on it which is quite hard already with the Wi-Fi going on and off but the game also freezes a lot when I try to play it and then I have to restart it by holding the power button. And now my internet is back for now since I switched networks but I need a more permanent solution other than switching networks and while I have my Wi-Fi now the Roblox website is the only website that won't load it will show me the home screen with only a picture of my avatar and the "Hello _____________!" But then it just shows 3 loading dots and that's it no games or friends or anything. I was really excited about this computer but now I'm just disappointed that I can't get anything done. I have a windows 10 hp laptop and I'm using internet explorer can someone please help?

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