My browser keeps randomly opening tabs on opera, and it's always the microsoft support page.



So basically my browser opera which i since deleted, has been randomly opening the microsoft support, page, and it's always at 11:21am, and it's also been happening on Microsoft edge, i first thought someone i may live with may have been snooping through my computer, but i realized nobody would be able to guess my password, and also it always happens at a specific time which is 11:21pm or am, I don't know why it keeps opening this page, but it does, it starts off by opening my default page, like the page your browser opens when the browser starts, which for my browser it was, so it would basically open that then it would open this page by microsoft:

I still have no idea to this day why it does this, but i got very nervous about the whole situation, so i ran anti-malware programs such as malware bytes, which i still have on my pc, at the time i am writing this, and i am currently running a virus scan, with bitdefender at the moment. But my computer has not detected anything when i ran malware bytes, so i don't know if my computer is doing this by it's self, or if windows is updating while i am not using it, i hope that's the case. Cause i don't click on sketchy links or go to sketchy websites so i have no idea how this would happen, and before i uninstalled opera, i saw that it said i installed it on May 14th 2019 which is yesterday at the time i am writing this, and obviously i didn't uninstall my browser than reinstall it. But from seeing that, it made me even more worried so i than checked task manager to see if any sketchy things were running on my computer, and i saw "WMI PROVIDER HOST" Was running on my computer in plain sight, and i know some of you may respond to this saying it's apart of the computer and it helps the computer run basic things, but the thing is, THIS WASN'T ON MY COMPUTER THE OTHER DAY, Literally this wasn't on my computer the other day, i check task manager everyday, and i only do that because my computer has been doing sketchy things recently, such as opening random tabs while i'm not on it, like what i previously mentioned, so i don't know if i have a virus or spyware, or malware on my computer, or some type of keylogger, but if someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated. And one more thing, i now am using the "brave browser" now, so if this problem keeps happening then i know, it's something on my computer that is causing this issue.

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