Windows 10 Miracast Not Working



First off I'm not a computer wiz, so the problem may be easier than it seems. I have windows 10 fyi.

I have a vizio tv and a pc. I want to connect those two together and to do so wirelessly all the sites I find say to get miracast working. My pc tells me that miracast isn't supported on my pc.

I looked up lots of answers on how to fix it and all they tell me is to update my drivers. Some sites told me to use applications that auto-update my drivers, but they ended up being a subscription I'd have to pay for, so I scratched that plan. Other sites told me of a method where I would go the search bar, find devices and manually update drives. I went through every single one right clicking them and updating them manually. With all my drivers updated I restarted my pc to no results.

Is there something I'm missing? The pc wasn't windows 7 or 8 before hand, it came built with windows 10.

Another question: Is there a device I can just get that does this without miracast? Do I need miracast to do this feature? Like is there something I can just plug into my pc that lets it be connectable to tv devices?

I bought a zexmte bluetooth plug, but I don't think that does display connections.

If you can help that'll be great. I really don't want to spend too much money on something that should be easy.

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